Saturday, 9 October 2010

K & Co gift bags

I know, I know, it's another non-Stampin' Up! project - but, hang on, the cardstock is (Basic Black), the button is (Latte - retired) and so is the white gel pen I used for the faux stitching, so not as bad as you think!!

I took a whole pad of these papers to a sale I was involved in recently as I hadn't found any inspiration for them, they just sat in a drawer being gazed at and stroked (you know what I mean!). But, as I stood there watching people flick through the papers (and buying most of them) lots of projects using them kept whizzing around my head. The day after the sale I had to check how many of these were left, and to my huge relief there were just a few sitting in the bottom of a box.

These are coming with me to Leicester too, but, will I be able to part with them?

Take care until next time ....


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  1. Hope you sold loads of these beauties at the craft fair!


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