Thursday, 8 April 2010

Renovation, Renovation, Renovation!!

Roll Up, Roll Up, its's the great Stampin' Up! Colour Renovation!! Yippeeeee...............

For a while now our neighbours across the Atlantic have been able to get their hands on the most GORGEOUS new Stampin' Up! colours - "NOT FAIR" we all cried over this side! Guess what? Stampin' Up! heard our cries!!! They have completely renovated their colours and have added the most amazing new ones, and, as of 1st October 2010 we can get our British mitts on them! WOWEEEEE......... AND, that's not all! Every year Stampin' Up! will be introducing limited edition new colours to us that will live lovingly by our sides for 2 years! Don't forget, it's not just cardstock we are talking about, it's ink pads, ribbons, buttons, brads, designer papers - my poor credit card!! Want a sneak peak?

(I told you it was only a sneak peak!)

As we all know in this life there has to be some give and take.....................Stampin' Up! will be giving us the most amazing new colours, BUT there will be some casualties. In order to bring us new, exciting colours, Stampin' Up! have had to put some of our beloved colours out to pasture. Don't be too upset though as 1) You have 6 months to buy up everything you can in your favourite colours, and 2) The new ones are waiting in the wings for you to love, stroke and, maybe, use!!! Let me prepare you for those to be retired.....

I know, the pictures are rubbish, but don't panic I have a list........... Contact me for more details.

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