Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Helloooo, anyone out there? Yes, it's me!

You can tell how long it is since I last posted, Blogger have gone and changed everything!!

 I stopped being a Stampin' Up demonstrator last year to start a new venture, which, sadly, did not work out how I had hoped. Since then I have finally had an operation on my eye to sort out all the problems I had. Unfortunately, I think the surgeon also took out my mojo because I have been looking for it for a long time now and it's no where to be found! Well, until recently that is...

So, I am still here working on my mojo quietly in the background still attempting to make stuff, some with paper, some with fabric, and I decided to post a few of my attempts here to see if it would give me a bit of a kick-start.

I have been crafting recently with my ex-Stampin' Up upline Helen and her fellow demonstrators Alison and Donna. Today I sat with Donna at her craft table and made 3 cards - 3 CARDS, who'd have thought it? This is the first one...

and the second
and the third, my favourite

I would have posted these sooner but Blogger wouldn't let me upload my pictures. All fixed now - woohoo!!
Take care
Kelly x

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  1. Sorry to read that your venture didnt turn out as expected and great news that you have had an op and things are looking up again. Hard to believe that you have lost your mojo as your cards are wonderful and its so nice to see you blogging again. Take care Tracey XX


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