Friday, 8 January 2010


I am very sorry for the lack of posts but silly season continues.....

My little girl had a spell of going backwards and forwards to the local A&E after burning both feet (don't ask) just a couple of days before Christmas, hectic Christmas filled with snow, family, gas fire condemned, sister had to have her cat put to sleep Christmas day, daugher with her 'indoor' scooter, visits up North, visits down South, etc, etc......

Yippee New Year, filled with snow, family, still no gas fire, new floors being fitted so no washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher, (these at the moment are stored in my craft room so I cannot get in it) school closures, grumpy daughter, and me starved of craft and adult company, and to make matters even worse I've started my diet!!!!!!! Oh and husband announces working away trips for next few months - GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Phew................. anyway have lots of things planned when I can get into my craft room. Now where's the chocolate..........?

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